Dr. Lindsey Pearson

Dr. Pearson was the Medical Director of Largest Free Celiac Screening

Dr. Pearson was the Medical Director of the largest free celiac disease screening in the country.

Dr. Pearson was the Medical Director of the largest free celiac disease screening in the country and the first to use DGP testing for five years in a row.

Dr. Pearson Founded Three Free and Low Cost Clinics


Dr. Pearson dedicated his life to taking care of people in need.  He founded three free and low cost clinics serving people without insurance or adequate funds to pay for care.  Dr. Pearson never turned away a patient in need.  

Each year, Dr Pearson gave away over $100,000 in care and services.  He ran and funded the clinics on his own. 

Dr. Pearson Provided House Call Services


Dr. Pearson provided house calls 24/7 to his patients.  These house calls provided greatly needed home care for people who are home-bound and for those too ill to come to the clinic.   Patients' lives were saved by Dr. Pearson providing emergency care on house calls.  Many of these patients lived alone and relied on Dr. Pearson for quality care.

Dr. Pearson accompanied patients to the ER and would advocate, provide medical history, and be with the patient while waiting for family.  

Dr Pearson was the Chair of the Celiac Sprure Medical Advisory Board


Dr. Pearson was appointed as the Chair of the Celiac Sprue Association's Medical Advisory Board.  He served as chair for five years.  Dr. Pearson trained healthcare workers on celiac disease and held public lectures on celiac disease, food sensitivities, and food allergies. 

Dr. Pearson Taught Other Healthcare Professionals About the Diagnosis & Management of Celiac Disease


Dr.Pearson educated health care professionals such as physicians, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists and physical therapists about the diagnosis and management of celiac disease.

Dr. Pearson, a Son of a Marine Combat Veteran, Worked with Veterans Who Needed Care


 Dr. Pearson worked with military veterans who suffer from PTSD and other combat related illnesses.  His historic work with combat vets with PTSD and medical marijuana, improved the lives of many veterans who previously had no option.   

About Dr. Pearson

Dr. Lindsey Samuel Pearson

 In 2016 Dr. Pearson suffered a traumatic brain injury, causing him to retire from clinical practice.  Once able, Dr. Pearson plans on continuing to consult and teach about integrative medicine.