Dr Lindsey Pearson

Retired Physician

Integrative Medicine

About Dr Pearson

Dr Lindsey Pearson

Dr. Lindsey Pearson practiced integrative internal medicine for over 13 years as a licensed physician.  He specialized in integrative gastroenterology, endocrinology, chronic pain, medical marijuana and transgender care.  

In 2016 Dr. Pearson suffered a traumatic brain injury, causing him to retire from clinical practice.  Dr. Pearson plans on continuing to consult and teach in the areas of medical marijuana and integrative medicine. 

Dr. Pearson no longer holds a medical license; therefore, he no loner practices medicine or sees patients in person or via telemedicine.


Dr. Pearson dedicated his life to taking care of people in need. He founded three free and low cost clinics serving people without insurance or adequate funds to pay for care.

Each year, Dr Pearson gave away over $100,000 in care and services. He ran and funded the clinics on his own.

Dr. Pearson sponsored local charity activities and fundraisers to help local teen GLBT groups fund and operate centers dedicated to helping at risk and homeless GLBT youth.

Dr. Pearson provided house calls 24/7 to his patients. These house calls provided greatly needed home care for people who are home-bound and for those too ill to come to the clinic. Patients' lives were saved by Dr. Pearson providing emergency

care on house calls. Many of these patients lived alone and relied on Dr. Pearson for quality care.

Dr. Pearson accompanied patients to the ER and would advocate, provide medical history, and be with the patient while waiting for family. 

Dr. Pearson was the physician to Olympic and professional athletes. He created  performance and recovery protocols.  Dr. Pearson took what he learned by working with elite athletes and  applied it to his primary care patients, greatly improving osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia treatment plans. 

Dr. Pearson was the first integrative physician appointed as Chair of the Celiac Sprue Association's Medical Advisory Board.  He served as chair for five years.  Dr. Pearson trained other physicians on celiac disease, as well as held public lectures on celiac disease, food sensitivities, and food allergies.  

Dr. Pearson worked with over 2,500 medical marijuana patients, effectively treating chronic pain and other conditions without the need for prescription opiates and other drugs.   

 Dr. Pearson testified on the merits & safety of medical marijuana in front of Minnesota lawmakers.  

Dr. Pearson was the medical director of the first U.S. free celiac screening fair that included comprehensive celiac screening, including the newer Deaminated Gliadin Peptide (DGP) testing.   

Dr. Pearson was the medical director of the largest free celiac disease blood screening in the country for five years. 

Medical Marijuana

"We found the cure for the plague of the 21st century! We can PREVENT and TREAT deadly cancers with a medicine that doesn't kill healthy cells. 

"Chemotherapy attacks every type of cell causing them to die, it's non-discriminatory.  The anti-cancer constituents in marijuana effectively kill cancer cells without hurting healthy cells.  There is no nausea, hair loss, or other toxic side effects of medical marijuana.  It's proven!  How can we morally and ethically withhold this effective cancer prevention & treatment that has no negative side effects?"   -DR LINDSEY PEARSON

Dr. Pearson revolutionized chronic pain management by his historic work using medical marijuana safely and effectively in the treatment of chronic pain conditions that were not controlled or managed with  deadly narcotic prescriptions such as Vicodin, oxycodone, morphine & fentanyl.   

 Dr. Pearson worked with over 2,500 patients using medical marijuana, marijuana extracts, and other non-invasive, non-lethal integrative pain options. Hundreds of patients were able to discontinue the use of  lethal narcotics.

Dr. Pearson is one of the pioneering physician-scientists working clinically with medical marijuana to treat pain, cancer and other debilitating conditions - including his work with combat veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.